Who are we?

Since 1951, we are the leaders in Europe in the manufacturing of elastic ribbons, rigid ribbons, cords, braids, pompones, rickracks and trimmings for industries such as Haberdashery, Packaging, Clothing, Graphic Arts, Outdoor Furniture, Automotive, Health and others.

We are a vertical company. With facilities of 10,000 m2and more than 70 years of history, we follow the processes of design, manufacturing, dyeing, personalization, packaging and shipping of our products, which allows us to commit to meeting your needs.

Our Products

We specialize in the production of elastic and rigid ribbons, cords, trimmings, bias bindings, piping, pleats, elastic threads, textile braids, manipulated ribbons and accessories with a wide variety of applications. Discover our main product ranges:


Leaders in Europe, we are manufacturers of elastic ribbons, rigid ribbons, personalized ribbons, ecological ribbons and technical ribbons in a wide variety of models, sizes, colors and finishes, always with cutting-edge designs.


We manufacture elastic ribbons, rigid ribbons, flat ribbons, technical ribbons, ecological ribbons and laces with terminals. Find the cord you need at Matsa.

Textile Braids

We create a wide range of braidsfor application in different industries such as clothing, haberdashery, packaging, graphic arts or use in furniture.

Ric Racs

We manufacture high-quality ric racs withcreative designs and printsfor use in various applications. Choose the rickracks from the material you want: polyester, acrylic, cotton, and more.


We produce pompoms of different sizes (small pompom and large pompom), and of different types (basic pompoms, fantasy pompoms, pompom ribbons, pompoms with fringes and combined with bobbin).


We have trimmings (fringes, braids and other fantasy trimmings) with the most innovative designs and the trend colors of the season using lace and bobbins.

Elastic Threads

We manufacture elastic puckering threads, elastic threads for extensionsand elastic fishing threads of high quality. In addition, we produce rigid threads for making bracelets and other decorative applications.

Bias binding, piping and pleated trims

We have a wide range of bias binding, piping and pleated, in all its variants, colors, designs, materials and finishes.


Specialized in the manufacture of accessoriesfor the textile sector (bra straps and extenders) and for the packaging industry (ties, and elastic or rigid rings) for boxes, branding wrappers, and handles for bags with terminals.


At Matsa we specialize in the manufacture of cords, ribbons, braids and trimmings for various sectors. We adapt the design, composition, size and presentation of our products to your needs.

We have custom flat cords and ribbons. If you want us to add your brand logo or any type of writing to our products, contact us here.


Personalized products and custom projects

If you need us to adapt our products to your needs, or you want us to personalize the ribbons with your company logo or any other text, send us your project.