Thread Manufacturer

At Matsa we manufacture the best elastic threads for gathering, elastic threads for fishing and elastic threads for extensions on the market. Our customers continually choose us as the main supplier of elastic thread for the fishing industry.

We have elastic thread for sewing machines in various colors such as blue, black and white. This thread is ideal for gathering, knitting clothes and accessories.

Our elastic threa for hair extensions is available in different colors to ensure that the extensions are well incorporated into the hair.

Among our most popular threads you will find the threads for bracelets and crafts, with a high demand in the market to make decade-old bracelets, among many other applications.

Discover the main types of threads:

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We are manufacturers of rigid threads, elastic threads for puckering, elastic threads for fishingand elastic threads for hairdressing and we have an extensive line of different colors. If you still haven’t found the threadsyou were looking for, contact us and we will send you a selection of items based on your needs.

Elastic Thread for Gathering

We manufacture elastic thread for sewing machines, with which you can make gathers for dresses, t-shirts and more.

Elastic Thread for Extensions

You will find the highest quality elastic threads for hair on the market. We have different colors available: black, brown and beige among others.

Elastic Thread for Fishing

We have the best elastic fishing line on the market.

Decorative Thread

We manufacture thick stiff thread for decenario bracelets, bangles and other craft or decorative purposes.

Fluor Decorative Thread

We have rigid and thick threads in fluorine colors.

Personalized products and custom projects

If you need us to adapt our products to your needs, or you want us to personalize the ribbons with your company logo or any other text, send us your project.