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Frequently Asked Questions?

The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the MATSA Textiles Business.

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Where can I find my login Code?

Every registration password code needs to be approved by the admin within 24 hours.
Therefore, it is important to register firts and if you havent received any code via email within 24 hours, please feel free to email the webmaster@matsatextiles.com

Where Do I Place an Order

MATSA Textiles offers a variety of options from sending us an email with your request, by fax or calling us to +34.93.834.0077. The most effective is via login in our b2b portal and place the order.

How Do I Get Support For An Item I've Purchased through the B2B Portal?

email at the webmaster at webmaster@matsatextiles.com

Which Payment Option Do I Have?

MATSA Textile offers payment via wired transfer to our bank or via paypal.
Unfortunately, we are not accepting credit cards at this time.

Historical Purchase Orders

If you have been buying products from us via our portal, these orders are listed in your account. Just login and it is the first thing you will see sorted by date.

What's my address

Bauma 35, 08296 Castellbell i el Vilar (Barcelona) Spain Europe.

Cookies and privacy and Copyright Notices

Please follow this link https://www.matsatextiles.com/MATSA-cookies.pdf to view the coookies and privacy policy.

What are your minimum order quantities

This varies on the type of the ribbon, please contact us or view it via the portal.