Ecological Ribbon Manufacturers

We are one of the leading manufacturers of textile ribbons in Europe since 1951. We have constantly evolved to expand our range of ribbons to specialize in the manufacture of elastic ribbons, rigid ribbons, personalized ribbons, braided ribbons, natural fiber ribbons (cotton ribbons) and different materials.

We manufacture sustainable ribbons, recycled ribbons, biodegradable ribbons, biodegradable ribbons and personalized ecological ribbons(printed or Jacquard) in different designs, sizes and materials (organic cotton ribbons, recycled polyester ribbons, biodegradable polyamide ribbons, tencel ribbons, jute ribbons, linen ribbons, paper ribbons, etc.etc.). All our sustainable ribbons have ecological certifications.

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As manufacturers of ecological ribbons, we specialize in the production of ribbons for an infinity of applications and sectors, such as ecological ribbons for clothing, elastic ribbons for waistbands, recycled ribbons for swimwear, clothing and shoes, sustainable ribbons for packaging, biodegradable ribbons for face masks or elastic bands for face masks and flat elastic bands for folders.

Matsa ensures the highest quality in all sustainable ribbons, rigid recycled ribbons and recycled elastic tapes thanks to our exhaustive quality control of our products.

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We are manufacturers of sustainable ribbons and we have an extensive line of different designs, colors and patterns. If you still haven’t found the eco-friendly tapes you were looking for, contact us and we’ll send you a selection of items based on your needs.

Cotton Ribbons (Ecological Ribbons)

Elastic and rigid cotton ribbons for a wide variety of applications: packaging, clothing, decoration, furniture, etc.

Tencel Ribbons (Ecological Ribbons)

Tencel ribbons have a plain or herringbone design. It’s made from 100% tencel, a natural fiber material that we use for our eco-friendly ribbons.

100% Recycled Polyester Ribbons (Ecological Ribbons)

Recycled polyester ribbons in different widths, colors, and finishes. We manufacture rigid and elastic ecological tapes from 100% recycled polyester.

Biodegradable Polyamide Ribbons (Ecological Ribbons)

Ecological biodegradable polyamide ribbons: biodegradable bias binding and trimmings, biodegradable laces, biodegradable ecological elastic ribbons.

FSC Paper Ribbons (Ecological Ribbons)

Ecological ribbon for packaging made of paper fiber. Our paper ribbons are FSC® certified and excellent for sustainable packaging, available in white, black or kraft brown.

Jute Ribbons (Ecological Ribbons)

Ecological jute ribbons for crafts and decoration: rugs, lamps, chairs, and other decorative products for the home. Our jute ribbons are excellent for food packaging, or for packaging boxes and gifts.

Viscose Ribbons (Ecological Ribbons)

Ecological viscose ribbons with a soft touch to apply to articles with sustainable properties.

Hemp Ribbons (Ecological Ribbons)

Ecological hemp braided ribbon with a pleasant texture. These cords are ideal for arts, crafts, packaging and gardening.

Linen Ribbons (Ecological Ribbons)

Soft-touch linen ribbon, perfect for clothing, clothing finishes, decoration, crafts, packaging, etc.

Personalized products and custom projects

If you need us to adapt our products to your needs, or you want us to personalize the ribbons with your company logo or any other text, send us your project.