Manufacturers of bias, piping and pleated

At Matsa we manufacture all kinds of biases, piping and pleated ribbons for dresses, t-shirts, skirts, making any textile item, products for home decoration (such as cushions, sheets, pillows, blankets, etc.). We carefully select the raw materials for the production of our piping, pleated tapes and bias tapes.

Our range of bias tapes can be used to sew by machine or by hand to make clothing or accessories. They can also be used for crafts or for application to decorative items. We manufacture different types of bias tape such as printed bias tape, wide bias tape, knitted bias or cotton bias. We also have some bias bindings with lurex orbias bindings with laceto give your products a distinctive touch.

We also have an extensive variety of elastic piping, rigid piping and pleated piping in different finishes: glossy, matte, basic, or with lurex.

We are specialists in pleated trims and ruffles, and we make different designs to meet market demand: elastic pleats, rigid pleats, printed pleatsor pleats with fantasy finishes.

Discover the main types of bias tape, piping and pleats:

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We are manufacturers of piping, bias and pleatsand we have an extensive line of different designs, colors and patterns. If you still haven’t found what you were looking for, contact us and we will send you a selection of items based on your needs.

Basic Elastic Piping

We manufacture elastic piping in different shades and widths for making sportswear, car covers, sun protection covers for cars and caravans, etc.

Elastic piping with Lurex

Our elastic bands with lurex will give a more exclusive touch to your items.

Basic Rigid Piping

Discover our rigid piping for clothing in a wide variety of basic colors.

Lurex Rigid Piping

Use our rigid piping with lurex with a soft texture to finish garments.

Pleated Piping

We have a selection of pleats with creative designs and trendy colors for clothing.

Piping with Matt Finish

If you are looking for pipings in different shades with a matte finish, discover our articles.

Piping with Shiny Finish

Shiny Pipings

Elastic Pleated

We manufacture elastic pleats, available in different colors and sizes.

Rigid Pleated

Find our rigid pleats to decorate dresses, skirts, and t-shirts.

Fantasy Pleated

Discover our most creative range of pleats with fantasy colors.

Printed Pleated

If you prefer printed pleats, contact us to see the different patterns and colors available.

Basic Bias Binding

Our bias tapes will be used to sew, decorate or reinforce any garment.

Printed Bias Binding

Children’s prints, cartoon prints, floral prints and much more. We have different models of printed bias tapes.

Lurex Bias Binding

If you are looking to decorate garments or accessories with a more exclusive bias, ask us about our selection of lurex bias tapes.

Bias with Lace

We also have bias bindings with lace to give your products a more classic finish.

Personalized products and custom projects

If you need us to adapt our products to your needs, or you want us to personalize the ribbons with your company logo or any other text, send us your project.