What services do we offer?

  • Excellent quality supplier network: We have the best raw material suppliers worldwide and we are in a continuous search process for new distributors according to the emerging needs of our customers.
  • Product design: We launch two collections each year with the season’s novelties, offering contemporary designs, innovative materials, and seasonal trend colors.
  • Manufacturing: We control the entire production process of our products, carrying out the entire manufacturing process in our facilities, and thus present the best possible quality to our customers.
  • Dyeing: We have a wide range of our own colors and we develop new ones based on the demand of our clients.
  • Finishing process: We carry out fire-retardant, water-repellent, anti-UV, anti-stain, and antibacterial treatments, among many others, to adapt our products to the needs of each industry.
  • Customization: We customise our ribbons or cords with your brand, logo or typography.
  • Handling: We apply different types of finishes to cords, ribbons and braids: elastic or rigid rings for packaging, terminals for bags or other applications, knots, stitching, and much more.
  • Fast shipping: We ship anywhere in the world with unbeatable logistics and record delivery times.

Why choose Matsa?


Nuestro equipo trabaja duro para ofrecer un rápido servicio y entregar los pedidos a tiempo para nuestros clientes.


Cada año creamos dos nuevas colecciones de productos con innovadores diseños, basándonos en las tendencias más destacadas de la temporada.


Personalizamos las cintas con el logo o texto que desees en estampación o Jacquard.

Bespoke Designs

Adaptamos el diseño, tamaño, composición y patrón de nuestros productos en base a tus necesidades.

Colour Service

Tintamos nuestros elásticos, cintas, cordones y trenzados a cualquier color. Elige entre nuestra gama de colores o envíanos el tuyo.

Manufacturing in Europe

Centralizamos la fabricación exclusivamente en Europa.

Are you looking for any product?

We have an extensive range of products of different designs, sizes, patterns, compositions and functionalities. If you know what you are looking for but have not found it yet, contact us and we will recommend the articles that fit your needs.