Rigid Ribbon Manufacturer

We are one of the leading manufacturers of textile ribbons in Europe since 1951. We have constantly evolved to expand our range of ribbons to specialize in the manufacture ofelastic ribbons, rigid ribbons, personalized ribbons, braided ribbons, natural fiber ribbons (cotton ribbons) and different materials.

We manufacture rigid ribbons, rigid woven ribbons and personalized woven ribbons (printed or Jacquard) in a wide variety of different designs, sizes, colors, finishes and materials (cotton ribbons, polypropylene ribbons, polyester ribbons, polyamide ribbons, etc. .).

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As manufacturers of textile ribbons, we specialize in the production of rigid ribbons for an infinity of applications and sectors, such as textile ribbons for sewing, textile ribbons for waistband, ribbons for shoes, ribbons for bra strap, and decorative textile ribbons, colored textile ribbons, personalized ribbons, textile ribbons for bracelets and for many other applications.

Matsa ensures the highest quality in all textile and elastic ribbons thanks to our exhaustive quality control of our products.

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We are manufacturers of textile ribbons and we have an extensive line of different designs, colors and patterns. If you still haven’t found thetextile ribbons you were looking for, contact us and we’ll send you a selection of items based on your needs.

Rigid Cotton Ribbons (Twill Ribbons)

Textile cotton ribbon or twill ribbon, plain or printed, in the color and size you want for a wide variety of applications. In addition to cotton ribbons, we also have herringbone cotton ribbons and custom cotton ribbons.

Rigid Herringbone Tapes

Choose our cotton herringbone ribbon for bags and backpacks, fanny packs, belts, accessories and beads.

Rigid Printed Ribbons

We have a wide variety of printed textile ribbons with the most current patterns: animal, children’s, ethnic, polka dot patterns and many more.

Rigid Edging Ribbons

Our edging ribbons are ideal for finishing the edges on many products such as clothing, shoes, bags, backpacks, sun shades and awnings.

Rigid Custom Ribbons

Personalized ribbons of any material with the name of your brand, logo or any inscription. Choose between print or Jacquard. Custom textile ribbons, custom cotton ribbon, custom embroidered ribbons, custom cotton ribbons, and custom printed ribbons.

Rigid Velvet Ribbons

The rigid velvet ribbons that you will find in Matsa can be manufactured in different colors and designs to suit your needs.

Personalized Products and Custom Projects

If you need us to adapt our products to your needs, or you want us to customize the ribbons or flat ribbonswith your company logo or any other text, send us your project.